Lynwood Residence

2013 - ongoing | Toronto ON

This property, located in the St. Clair and Avenue Road area, is unique in that it is surrounded by multi-storey residential on 2 sides, resulting in very little outdoor privacy. The house is also unique as it includes an indoor swimming pool with accessory sauna. With that, the owner asked that we investigate internalizing the amenity space.

The house design is organized around a 2 storey atrium. New work included the addition of a 1,500 sf. 2nd storey master bedroom with ensuite, installation of an elevator, lowering of the basement, and complete reworking of all washrooms/ensuites through-out the building. Exterior cladding is being upgraded with a new limestone fa├žade.

Construction is underway with completion scheduled for the spring/summer of 2014.

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